Cantega’s Technology Services Improves Reliability

Supporting Our Customers

Cantega Technologies is dedicated to Improving Power System Reliability.  After effectively growing our Greenjacket wildlife power outage mitigation business line across North America, our customers have benefited from improved reliability.  Cantega customers are working closely with us on reliability planning and management for substations and the Reliability Technology Service (RTS) portal is our collaboration tool for working with and supporting our customers.

The Portal for Collaboration on Reliability

As part of our ongoing success to improve reliability on our customers’ power systems, Cantega has created a library of Site Protection Plans for its customers as well as GPS locations of the protected stations to assist customers with knowing which stations in their system are protected. This data is now available through Cantega’s RTS online portal.  The portal serves as a collaboration area where Cantega can assist customers with developing a system-wide substation asset list, identifying current coverage and helping prioritize problematic stations for coverage while building out longer term deployment plans for improved reliability.  Customers can also access their Site Protection Plans for projects.  The RTS Platform helps customers plan for priorities in the months and years ahead.

Up to 20% of power outages are wildlife-caused

Photo by Ron Spencer

A Managed Solution

Implement a Solution to Prevent Outages

Cantega has a range of products and services to build wildlife mitigation solutions for customers. From field services and equipment imaging to design, manufacturing, installation, and audit services – our team is at the ready to improve reliability.

Proven Reliability

Plan for Success and Track Your Solutions with the RTS Portal

With up to 20% of all outages being caused by wildlife, protecting your assets and customers should be part of your strategic planning. Working with our program managers and services teams, we can help measure the reliability improvements derived from our solutions.  From Site Assessments to Post Installation Inspections, Incident Reporting and Management, Solution Development, and Station Audits, the RTS Platform tracks every stage of a full outage prevention program, providing key support to a utility’s wildlife management program.

Up to 1 in 5 of all power outages are caused by wildlife