Reliability Performance

Why a Reliability Portal

Since the first deployment of Greenjacket in 2005, customers have tracked the performance of Greenjacket’s impact on reliability.  The results are significant.

AltaLink has tracked the performance of Greenjacket at its substations since 2005 and the improved reliability performance is significant. According to Mike Bartel, VP Asset Management at AltaLink, “Greenjacket has improved our load interruption duration performance by 95% at AltaLink substations where we had been experiencing frequent wildlife contacts/interruptions. It is rare to find such an investment in reliability that essentially guarantees effectiveness. This type of improvement not only improves our reliability performance, it also improves our customer satisfaction and reduces our impact on the environment.”

On average, the load interruption rate due to wildlife contact has reduced from one load interruption every two years to one load interruption every 13 years.

Greenjacket continues to deliver significant results for AltaLink:

94% reduction

A 94% reduction in frequency of wildlife-caused outages across the substations covered with Greenjacket

1 outage every 10 years

On average, the outage rate due to wildlife contact has reduced from one outage every year to one outage every 10 years

Improvement of 95%

Reductions in load interruption duration has gone from 248 minutes to 12 minutes; an improvement of 95%

Case Studies

Westar Energy

In 2013, Westar, based out of Kansas, selected five substations where it expected Greenjacket would provide the most benefit. In the three years leading up to that, animal and bird-caused customer outage minutes at those five locations averaged in total about 500,000 annually. In 2014, after Greenjacket was installed those outage minutes dropped significantly to 50,000, and then to zero minutes in 2015.

To assist Westar further with the prevention of outages, Cantega’s services team provided installation training, both on-site and through online videos. Cantega has worked as Westar’s partner in both products and service support to become their go-to resource for animal outage mitigation. This partnership has resulted in Cantega’s Greenjacket product being written into the Westar Engineering Standard for wildlife protection products going forward.

Manage Wildlife Outages

Centralized System for Outages

Stations are critical, long-term, high value assets. Greenjacket has a service life in excess of 20 years, ensuring that critical, long-term, high value assets and infrastructure are best able to meet the performance and reliability objectives that organizations expect.

Customers have asked for a more centralized system to help them better manage wildlife outages and properly plan for the elimination of these outages. As part of ongoing efforts to improve customers’ power system reliability, Cantega has created a library of Site Protection Plans for its customers as well as GPS locations of the protected stations to assist customers with knowing which stations in their system are protected. Customers have been asking for more support in planning to eliminate outages and some of the data, including reported outages, are now available in Cantega’s Reliability Technology Service (RTS) online portal.