Substation Details and Mapping

To help customers manage individual projects they are collaborating on with Cantega, the RTS Portal provides a substation profile, GIS mapping and a visual satellite view of the substation. A substation summary of coverage type, count, and cost is available from the view at a glance feature. Further, all project documentation including Single Line Drawings, Imaging, Estimates, Site Protection Plans, Quotes and Audits are contained within the portal.

The Dashboard

A snapshot view of system stations, level of deployment, historical deployment, problem species, and index.

The Knowledge Base

Content is available to customers on elements of a Wildlife Mitigation Program, including:

  • Sample Engineering Standard for Cover-up Solutions for Substations
  • White Paper, The Case for Eliminating Animal-Caused Outages in Substations and on Powerlines
  • Asset Management Case Study
  • ROI Tool for Mitigation Project Planning
    Also Links to
  • APLIC Guidelines for Protection Plans
  • DOE Outage Statistics
  • Wildlife Legislation and Penalties

Outage Database

Collaborating with customers, Cantega will build a database of reported outages that will assist customers in identifying and prioritizing stations for covers. Customers will also be able to track equipment on which outages occur to assist with building station plan solutions.

Incident Management

One service area that customers place a high value on is Cantega’s ability to provide incident management. When an outage occurs on energized equipment, evidence remains; Cantega can provide expertise online through the portal identifying why the contact occurred and the solution for preventing future contacts – regardless of the type of equipment and whether or not it needs to remain energized. This service support is available to all customers through the portal.

Station Audits & Services

Inspection Reports

From the time customers purchase a Greenjacket precise-fit engineered solution, a service program is recommended. This includes:

  • Installation assistance
  • Post Installation Inspection to ensure proper application and coverage
  • Solution coverage audit report – current application relative to engineering standards set by the utility
  • Corrective action management for deficient stations
  • 3-Year Protection Audit Review

Scheduling Resources

Requests for services, support or scheduling are automated within the Portal for Program Customers.


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